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Middle School Physical Science

After you use CPO Science hands-on lab equipment, you’ll wonder how you taught motion, forces, matter, the atom, or Newton’s laws with textbooks alone. Exciting modules such as Car and Ramp and Pendulum are fully integrated into active investigation activities, student, reading, and teacher support.

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Student TextLandscape “one-concept” page spreads and full-color graphics enhance learning and retention.

Hardcover: 474 pages



Student TextThis Complete Course Program includes:

  • 30 Student Texts
  • 30 Investigations Manuals
  • 1 Equipment Kit
  • 1 Teacher’s Toolkit


Unit 1: The Physical Sciences

Chapter 1: What Physics and Chemistry Are About

Chapter 2: Science and Measurement

Unit 2: Motion and Force
Unit 3: Laws of Motion and Energy
Unit 4: Electricity, Sound, and Light
Unit 5: Matter
Unit 6: Atoms, Elements,
Unit 7: Changes in Matter
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